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AWOL T Shirts

Depending on which side of the ocean you come from this could be considered the A.W.O.L t-shirts collection or the Lionheart T-shirts collection but if you’ve arrived here the name of the film doesn’t really matter because we all know it is one of the best martial arts films of all time. Hot on the heels of Kickboxer and his breakthrough success Bloodsport Van Damme could well is at his best in this film and at the peak of his powers.
A French foreign legion escapee he finds money hard to come by when searching for his brother in America so enters the world of underground fighting. It simply is very much like Bloodsport centred around plenty of brutal one v one fight scenes where he fights against all odds and eventually beats a man twice his size through superior will and skill. That’s why A.W.O.L t-shirts are still sold to this day because people absolutely love it.

The Legacy Left By Van Damme and AWOL

You can’t help root for this guy who is only seeking to do right by his brother and make good his brother’s family and in particular his little girl. This has everything to make you feel for him, he builds relationship with the girl, the wife, his adopted manger and fights through a series of opponents all whilst being tracked by military personnel and fighting against corruption and an opponent he cannot surely beat.

Just like Rocky it’s a tale of a man with the odds against him but an iron will to win and that is why we put the same effort into making our Lionheart t-shirts so Damme good.