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Aborted T Shirts

Belgium has given the world great chocolate and it has given us some of the tastiest beer you could ever imagine but to fans of death grind it has also given us the incredible Aborted. Formed as a death metal band in Waregem the group was conceived by the founding member and the only constant member of the group Sven de Caluwe and besides Aborted t shirts being incredibly unique and stylish of course they are major contributors to their modern fan base across Europe.

Whilst the name captures the imagination and brings incredible powerful images to the mind it was actually designed to be the first in the CD rack collection in music stores and it’s not a bad way to start. Aborted t-shirts actually list first in our collection too because we do everything alphabetically too.

The band formed and then as you would expect made a demo tape and after the release of that tape they were signed to Uxicon Records. Since then their success has continued despite several line up changes and six albums later and the band is still going strong.

Global Flatline and the Future

Earlier this year the album Global Flatline was released. It has received terrific reviews with some saying it is a return to their brutal best with melodically devastating sounds and you have to admit it does seem like a return to their roots with spectacular effect.

When an album is described as relentless and ferocious you have to sit up and take not and perhaps we all will. We can only wait to see what is on offer from the band in future as their last two albums have been received well and it appears their support is on the increase.

Hopefully we can couple that with some terrific new Aborted t shirts to boot. For all the latest up to date information please visit their official website which is currently being updated http://www.goremageddon.be/