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Against Me T-shirts

Against Me is something of a story in itself and that story makes their fans proud to wear their Against Me t-shirts will bullish pride and grace. Most bands start off with a sense of division within the group and it can be musically or personality wise but this band began back in 1997 with a different battle altogether.

It started simply in the aftermath of the battle between what most fans know as Tom Gabel or Laura Jane Grace depending on when the question was asked as we all know they’re both one and the same person. That battle will probably remain to this day as let’s face it we all have our inner struggles just ours are not usually as easily identifiable.

Against Me Fans Can't Get Enough of the Band and their T-shirts


Fans of Against Me will know the story and what has followed are some terrific musical offerings from their lead singer and the band. So often amidst the greatest pain comes the greatest inspiration for music and creativity. The heart warming story unfolded to even greater depths in 2012 when Grace became open about being transgender after meeting a transgender fan of Against Me.

There’s something beautiful about that how one musical gift gives but then receives in as big a way be it a very different one. That is why fans are so divided but so passionate about the band. That is why we wear our Against Me t-shirts with pride because we know it stands for something real, something worth standing up for something worth shouting about.

Great music and great stories often go hand in hand but usually they’re one of sensationalism and graphic vulgarity and whilst this tale isn’t one without excess or addiction there are in some part a very human tale that is better told and hopefully we can do the story a little justice with some visuals from our Against Me T-shirts collection.


For all the latest information on anything Against Me you can visit the official website here http://www.againstme.net/