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Alexisonfire T Shirt and T Shirts

Alexisonfire came roaring out of the Canadian underground circuit with a force of a punk hurricane heading straight for the heart of young ears. There are famous quotes attributes to the band and their meteoric rise and when you hear them it isn’t hard to understand why critics and music lovers alike had to take note. The band themselves consisting of George Pettit, Dallas Green, Wade MacNeil, Chris Steele and Jordan Hastings actually described their sound as like two catholic high school girls in a middle of a knife fight and that has to be something worth checking out. It is their unique approach and sound that really captivated all that heard them and whey even years after their split Alexisonfire t shirts now still represent something of a badge of honour for fans.

To have an identity that baffled as much as it inspired people seemed to connect with the punk angst and pain felt through their music. I mean their name as everybody knows came about from Alexis Fire the world’s only lactating contortionist stripper. I mean you can find inspiration anywhere but that certainly has to be a first. The band released its first EP Math Sheet Demo’s because strangely enough they delivered it wrapped in their former drummer’s maths homework. Later followed a chance meeting with Greg Below who was working with EMI at the time and their debut album self titled was released. Though distribution was covered by EMI it was word of mouth alone that eventually led to it selling over 50,000 copies and Alexisonfire were born and of course the Alexisonfire t shirts soon followed.

Continued Success and Inevitable Break Up

The band achieved massive critical acclaim and very quickly and whilst Canada were aware of this force in music the nest of North America were about to discover it too. The band only released another few albums before calling it a day but they were pretty memorable albums at that. Watch Out! Crisis and Old Crows/Young Cardinals and Dog’s Blood all found themselves well received but given the anarchic way the band came about from the separation of several bands it was hardly like they would continue for a long time. Such was the passion and ferocity in their music their emotions played out in the record studio that keeping a working unit together was always going to be a challenge.

They did embark on several tours with bands such as Against Me and Anti Flag and you could see fans pouring into stadiums and proudly wearing their Alexisonfire t shirts as much as any of the other bands on those expected nights and they were even due to play a free all ages show at the Winter Olympics but just 10 seconds in a surge from the crowd forward left several injured with broken bones and they had to stop playing. It could have been a beautiful pinnacle to their career but just over a year later they were gone. Band members left to pursue other projects and the remaining members saw no reason to continue. It stopped a great band in their tracks but those albums live long in the memory and luckily for us so do their Alexisonfire t shirts and we have their fans still appreciate what they did and wonder what could have been.