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Alice Cooper T Shirts

A famous advert once asked us if we knew the name Vincent Damon Furnier and whilst the rest of the world looked on like a bombshell had been dropped we knew exactly who they were talking about. Alice Cooper has had a career spanning six decades. Alice Cooper t-shirts still sell in their 1000’s every single month simply because of the icon he is.

Why is an Alice Cooper t-shirts still so popular then? Well just like the man himself they’re theatrical and they have a tendency to laud the surreal or the hint of shocking horror. After all that is really what brought him into the map of world music isn’t it? That ability to entertain and shock in equal measure as on stage you would see boa constrictors, fake blood and disfigured dolls this beautiful mix of the horror and macabre combined with great showmanship had the audiences eating out of his palm.

That’s what it is all about. The man from Detroit and his band shot to the world of commercial success with their album Love it to Death and who could forget the two stand out anthems for that album ‘I’m Eighteen’ and the follow up smash that was even bigger in their 1972 hit Schools Out.

I don’t think there isn’t a teen the world over that hasn’t belted that out with gusto as they finish their school term and it was that ability to tap into a collective consciousness and add such incredible rock flair and sound that actually made that song iconic and still used today.

The Alice Cooper Legacy and Beyond

Now we know the reason an Alice Cooper t-shirt is so popular with his music fans but even now you can see any cross section of people still wearing them from children to ageing rock fans and it is his legacy that keeps him current in the minds of fans. Inducted to the Hall of Fame musically he now remains a very public figure in media life.

His ability to shock accompanied but his charming and almost mischievous personality is something that makes him a beloved entertainer all around. Despite drug problems and subsequent recovery he is credited with shaping the fashion and sound of more current heavy metal and despite him crediting his influences on the Yardbirds and the Beatles most associate his music and style with heavy metal.

As time has gone in whilst before not displaying any religious views he is now a born again Christian and that often accompanies somebody who has sins in the past they wish to cleanse. Always one to declare himself non political if pressed on a question often he may often let something slip about who he favours and that perhaps even adds more to his charm and perhaps why Alice Cooper t shirts are so popular still today.     

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