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Anchorman T Shirts

A few years back the force of nature that was Ron Burgundy and the Chanel 5 news team swept through the box office and into our lives. One of the funniest films ever made it has spawned so many catch phrases that are now used by millions across the world and with that comes a whole host of brilliant Anchorman t shirts. There are so many funny scenes and so many one liners it has become a cult classic and possibly one of the many standout performances of Will Ferrell’s illustrious comedy career.

With the upcoming Anchorman 2, the legend continues, you can bet your bottom dollar that Anchorman t shirts will be back with a vengeance and filling the streets with declarations of lamp love, sex panthers and tickets to the gun show for you to enjoy. The cast is incredible and no matter if you’d prefer Veronica Corningstone or a whammy from the cast or you simply like the odds of things working 60% of the time every time then this is definitely the place to find all your Anchorman t shirt needs.

Anchorman 2 the Legend Continues and Apparently a Role for Drake

Whilst the filming of Anchorman 2 is covered with secrecy and few if any plot lines sneaking out we can’t wait to see what is coming but one thing we do know is that hip hop artist Drake has a role in the film after he personally approached Ferrell and asked if he could be in the film. It seems the cult following of the first film is simply not confined to us common people but that celebrities also have it amongst their favourite ever films.

Be sure to check back here upon the film release so we can put together and whole host of new Anchorman t-shirts for you to enjoy.