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Angels and Airwaves T Shirts

If Tom DeLonge leaves Blink 182 to pursue a different direction, to create something more than a band then it is time to sit up and take notice. That is exactly what the world of music did when he announced his plans for a new band that later became what we now know as Angels and Airwaves. Admittedly he took his influences when writing from the likes of Radiohead and Pink Floyd and set about trying to make something substantial with high school friend David Kennedy, Atom Willard and Ryan Sinn. With that Angels and Airwaves were born and you can still catch wind of them today but with a very different line up still the same ambition and still plenty of great Angels and Airwaves t shirts to choose from.

Though DeLonge has reignited his role with Blink 182 it didn’t stop what was a prolific run of albums from the band and didn’t stop them creating an army of followers the world over. He’d originally said he believed this would be the best music made in years and whilst critical reception has been mixed nobody can deny that what they produced touched a nerve with fans around the world. Despite some setbacks such as their demo’s being hacked and then leaked forcing them to release ahead of schedule fans a plenty turned up to download and buy and very soon you could see Angels and Airwaves t shirt adorning the streets of a host of major cities.

The Changing Line Up and What the Future Hold For Angels and Airwaves

The line up has changed from its original format and the reasons for that have never truly been cleared up. There was talk of disputes and DeLonge himself has admitted to having an addiction to painkillers whilst writing for the band. We Don’t Need To Whisper, I-Empire and the two Love albums sold terrifically well and were hugely requested on radio play when singles from those albums were released. It’s clear that each band member has other commitments but there has been little talk of the band dissolving. In fact they have announced work on a short film or perhaps a series of short films called POET and that a new album will be on its way after that.

That’s exciting news for fans of the band given after the initial burst and flurry of material things have quietened down for some time but with things still in the pipelines it could well be we are approaching a brave new era for what is labelled a truly multi-media art project rather than a band. Whatever comes out we can’t wait but what we can do is promise we will be right here to provide our unique take on all the latest offerings and many new Angels and Airwaves t shirts to choose from.