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Animal House T Shirts

Even so many years on the memory of Animal House lives on and still has many old and new fans to celebrate its creation. Hence we have an array of Animal House t shirts for you to choose from. When movies come along like this you have to find your own way to pay tribute to it.
A lot of critics at the time dismissed this low budget comedy wrongly because they only focused on what they viewed as more classical work but Animal House didn't just hit the nation it slapped it in the face and full on assaulted everybody who watched it with manic pace and continuous comedy. That is why Animal House t-shirts remain so popular to this day.

The Animal House Culture and Counter Culture Lives On

It's hard to look at Animal House without wondering if without this there would be no Police Academy, no Porky's or even no American Pie as this was the one that cut that path to all of them and there's always something you can identify with in the film be it in yourself or somebody you know.
Why Animal House lives on and why there are still many Animal House t-shirts wandering the streets is the film was surprisingly well acted and gave some great careers to some great people. As the pace is so frantic you often miss some of the great comic performances within as you get swept along with the ride.
On the other side it made references to Nixon, Hiroshima and the Kent State shootings and some may have seen this as possibly a precursor to non college films such as M*A*S*H