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Anthrax T Shirts

As you walk through the world of downtown Disney you would hardly expect it to be ground zero for an Anthrax explosion would you? As the smell of freshly baked cash being burnt from parents wallets as their children settle down for the night unaware of the sacrifices their parents have made to create an idyllic lie of life that will be shattered through their teenage years I can’t help but feel this is the perfect setting to stride through California in my Anthrax t-shirt like a shot of reality in their dreams.

The surprise of the venue, the intimate House of Blues, has now all but vaporised and is now replaced by the faint smell of Jack Daniels mixed with huge pumping heart full of adrenaline. The love affair for me and a lot of Anthrax fans spans a lot of generations and as the overweight tourists wobbled past the long haired death army swarm across the streets as parents hide their children’s eyes and ears, look away don’t look at those Anthrax t shirts kids it’s addictive you will want to hear more it’s like a drug.

They’ll find out soon enough and when they do little Erika won’t know what’s hit her. She will love Joey Belladonna and there’s very little you can do about it. That grisly raw manliness is something even the sweetest of girls will crave one day but don’t worry she’s safe for now she’s not quite ripe yet and in any case there’s a concert to go to.

The Big Night Has Come and Anthrax Have Won

We’re ready, we’re pumped and an hour and a half of pump pumping heart thumping high energy high passion mash up is about to happen. There are women on shoulders and thuds like boulders as they explode into the stage. Nobody can say that Worship Music is Anthrax’s best work but we all know it’s a step back in the right direction and throw in a few anthems and this crowd is going to go wild.

All you can see is sweat dripping from long hair, tattoo’s bursting through Anthrax t-shirts and working the world of art and body into that of sound and mind and then they let rip. Plenty of songs from the much heralded Belladonna era rush out and you feel a sea of emotion crashing over the crowd as we’re lost in the wave.

They drew strength from the amazing Among the Living and then slapped us in the face with Anti-Social and when Got the Time ripped through the air the old hands like me couldn’t have been happier. The classics are where we find our home but there’s a new breed coming through, a new generation and this is their time too. So I remove my top and pass it to the beautiful young girl next to me, a souvenir passed from one fan to another.

To my delight and surprise she whips of her Anthrax t-shirt and passes it to me to and as we both stand their jumping and with bare chest you can’t help but feel part of the Anthrax family even if that sounds a little strange.  

If you want to know more about this amazing band then please visit the official Anthrax website http://anthrax.com/