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Anvil T Shirts

Just one year ago this moment had been unthinkable, unimaginable but it can be amazing how things change. Here they were on stage again and 30 years after they did it for the first time. It’s Seattle, it’s time and when the band game up the crowd lit up with a thousand beaming smiles like headlights in the dark but there was no way the veterans would be caught in those headlights and it must have been nice for them to see so many new and vintage Anvil t-shirts in the crowd.

How had this moment come about? Some say it was the forthright documentary about Anvil that stirred something in both the band and their fans and even though they were no longer the force they were, a shadow of themselves physically they are and always will be the underdogs we all root for. Even though time has caught up with them they still believe and when you have created a generation of memories amongst your fans we will always believe with you and that is why Anvil t shirts will live on.

Billed as The Underdogs Anvil Ended Up Winners Again

We all felt the passion an love for the band and whilst we were all rooting for the guys we also came for some real business too which was some gold old fashioned crash along metal to get hot to and they opened with a deeply intricate instrumental which ‘Lips’ Kudlow waltzed into like he’d never been away and then rolled into a brilliant ‘666’ that got us nice and warmed up. However like dining at an old restaurant you always enjoy the starter but the main course needs to be meatier it needs to be tastier and we’re now desperate for the next course.

The mood lightens as Glen Five is introduced as the new guy having only been part of the band for a mere 14 years and that nice touch eased us beautifully into a wonderful rendition of ‘Winged Assassin’ and now the crowd are going as he absolutely nails it. We won’t dirtier though, harder and we want something we can truly remember and we were just about to get it.

Bang! The hard stuff gets ripped out as ‘Mothra’ pounds into the crowd. This was a moment you simply had to see to understand as Five goes absolutely nuts on guitar, thrashing and ripping through the song and even using a dildo at one stage to lift the roof off even more and just at that moment a hot young blonde tears off her Anvil t-shirt and those enhanced assets only add to what was a beautiful moment for us all.

Possibly the best moment was one of almost climatic joy as a smashing, gushing drum solo blew everybody away, this wasn’t just a concert it was an actual event and clear evidence these guys can play. The rest of the night was a blur after song after song kept coming and going and kept everybody in a state or permanent high. The next day I was left with a slightly sore head, a great feeling of satisfaction and a sweat and perfume scented Anvil t-shirt left on the floor as she left the next morning and I watched her walk away without a word of goodbye. 


If you have a little time to kill why not check out anything Anvil at their official website http://anvilmetal.com/