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Apocalyptica T Shirts

Apocalyptica T Shirts at T Shirt Subway

What makes a great concert? What is it that leaves you at the end feeling special? I found myself asking these questions before embarking on my first experience of an Apocalyptica concert. I’ve always liked the build up. The morning of or the day before listening to some tracks as you relax and lose yourself in the music and you plan the trip a little but leave enough to chance to keep it exciting.

You slip on your Apocalyptica t-shirt and take your keys and you leave. You know at that moment you’ll be returning with an experience, it could be good or bad of course and anything in between but you know you’ll experience something. As people walk past you feel somewhat exposed, perhaps with pride at lavishly showing your Apocalyptica t shirt to the world as they pass by but it’s only when you meet friends to share the journey do you feel fully secure enough to start openly showing your joy.  

When the Music Starts Is An Apocalyptica Concert The Place To Be?

So you’ve followed your routine and finished your regime and you are all together full of smiles and full of anticipation and of what may be about to come. You’ve looked each other up and down and there’s a nice mix some with your bands t-shirt on others with a more general dress code and you don’t look like 4 people on some kind of Apocalyptica stag do.

Now the fun is about to start but what makes the concert itself worth watching. For me you need to have real stage presence let’s not pretend that despite great music you can hear that on the radio or your iPod so you want to see real showmen performing to their best that make you want to gasp opened mouthed as they entertain the pants off you.

Then you want to see such a level of technical wizardry that you literally are in front of them in awe. It’s that shock at just how talented these guys can be and how much talent they possess on that stage and if you’re wondering if Apocalyptica have this I have to say on all counts they have it in abundance.

We could go through the songs one by one and the set in its fullest but that’s not really what you need to know. You don’t want the details you want the experience and it was a real show. More movement on stage than I expected with great presence, terrific skill and wonderful music and of course their Metallica cover sent everybody into overdrive and when I woke the next morning I was left with a thousand memories and almost as many stains on my now beloved Apocalyptica t shirt.

For anything else related to the amazing Apocalyptica please visit their official website  http://www.apocalyptica.com/uk/home