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Arch Enemy T Shirts

I cast my mind back to back to Seattle, for me the home of music, that day it was the day I was finally about to see the incredible Arch Enemy live. I had my t-shirt on proudly and you wander around waiting for friends ready to get together and enjoy a few drinks to oil those vocal chords well so you can scream as loud as you want to when they embrace the stage.

It’s an hour before their set starts and the queue isn’t moving. You can feel the tension in the air as moments turn to minutes and minutes into an hour and you can visibly hear disgruntled fans ready to erupt into a rage as the feint sound of Arch Enemy take to the stage and you’re left wondering if this powder keg is going to explode and luckily for all those around it doesn’t but it’s now too little and too late.

Fast forward a few years and I’m back there with the same Arch Enemy t shirt back on my shoulders though it fits a little tighter now. I could have bought a new one but I believe in destiny and I knew I had to see these Swedish icons and I’d bought this for that exact moment with me and for it to not fulfil its destiny simply was never an option.

What I Really Wanted To See: Arch Enemy

I’d waited so long I perhaps should have greeted Firewind, Divine Heresy and Dark Tranquillity with a little more excitement, a little more commitment but whilst I couldn’t complain about any of them there weren’t what I was here for I tried as you must to get my blood flowing and my mind in the game but it had been three years and I kept looking down at my Arch Enemy t-shirt reassuringly as if to let it know it won’t be long now.

Smoke started to appear and the strobes kicked into gear and finally the moment came when Arch Enemy became and the first song to spill into my blood was the mesmeric Blood On Your Hands. You’d have thought the whole crowd had been involved in a mass carnage of some sort as we all revelled in the music like It were part of our souls and as you cast a glance around there wasn’t a quiet lip in the room.

Angela Gossow raged in stage and you couldn’t determine if you were in awe of the music or her or both or it all but who cares this is what you’d waited for and this was so worth the wait. I could hardly believe my looked as they tore through every one of my favourite songs from ‘Ravenous’ and ‘Dead Eyes See No Future’ to the brilliant ‘My Apocalypse’ and Gossow is one of the few women who own that real metal growl and you could feel her send the crowd into rapture with real presence on stage.

Three years in the waiting and was it worth the wait? You bet your backside it was worth the wait and I can sleep safe knowing my Arch Enemy t-shirt fulfilled its destiny to see the wonderful Gossow spray vocal and sweat on the much adoring crowd.   

For all the latest Arch Enemy information please visit their official website http://www.archenemy.net/