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Armageddon T Shirts

What could be more epic than a love story set amidst the actual possibility of Armageddon happening and the extinction of all those living on planet earth? How about if that love is already condemned by the father and the relationship between the father and the love interest already being complicated? What if you add a stellar cast including Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Live Tyler and then throw in one of the biggest songs of the decade from Aerosmith? Then you have the film Armageddon and this is the Armageddon t-shirts collection.

This movie no doubt has had its detractors but still remains popular amongst so many and still people want to buy their Armageddon t shirts so the film must have done something right. Critics say the film was cheesy, too polished and never really believable. However now time has passed what you can see was it was never meant to be War and Peace it was meant to be a futuristic fairytale where tears could be shed and people show the best in themselves in the worst of times, an epic film that uplifts and that is why it has stood the test of time.

Armageddon Stands Alone as Possibly Bay’s Biggest Crowd Pleaser

Now Michael Bay has directed many films that have split audiences and this one is now exception and whilst some may argue he’s directed better films nobody can say that critics aside Armageddon has been Bay’s best publicly received film. That’s why we have so many Armageddon t shirts here it’s for the fans who still like it and whilst we know the super meteor had as many crater sized holes in it as the plot this film remains entertaining, emotional and most of all fun.

One of the best descriptions I ever came across about the film was that it lacked intelligence, it lacked brains and intricate characterisation but its heart was absolutely in all the right places and I couldn’t agree more.