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As Blood Runs Black T Shirts

Sometimes you find yourself able to do something incredible when you least expect it. Fate or whatever term you’d like to use throws events into your life that you just can’t picture imagining. When I packed my suitcase to head for Kota Kinabalu I honestly didn’t think I’d need any of y metal t shirts for anything except decoration and when I packed my As Blood Runs Black t-shirt I couldn’t imagine using it for anything than coverage for the warm night air.

Can you imagine my surprise, my absolute delight when on a dust covered street wall I see a poster for a club called Razz Ma Tazz that says they’re going to be playing live and during the time I’m staying there. My girl isn’t one for anything heavy, be it drinking or music but I was certain with a little persuasion I could talk her into coming and change her life forever.

I took out the As Blood Runs Black t-shirt and handed it to her. Even with the still slight language barrier that will always remain between us she knew how much that shirt meant to me and there was no stopping us then. The bars came and went as we creep slowly closer to the venue. I’d never known Malaysia to have a big metal following but the place was raucous. Fans sprawling the streets the chaos and lack of organisation just added to the surprise of it all

One Night With As Blood Runs Black In Malaysia

Being a considerate guy I sat my girlfriend down on one of those leather seats they sprawled around the outside and a little like the venue they had seen better days. You don’t mind that though I like things not to be perfect to tell a story. As I’ve said my own As Blood Runs Black tee had seen better days itself but that’s part of the charm each imperfection owes itself to a moment or a night out and that’s what these chairs were showing. Their wrinkles, slight tears or stains were not a sign of untidiness but a permanent mark left from somebody else’s night out.

The doors had opened much earlier and as bands came and left all with their own quirks and sounds that made the night really interesting it was time for the boys to come on stage. The lights dimmed and Nick appeared to the side of the stage he started strumming posturing and playing away and the crowd were insanely close. We’re talking a couple of feet away as he writhed around teasing everybody in the place.

Then suddenly the lights went off, killed dead. Chants started coming from the crowd ‘As Blood Runs Black’ over and over again building up to what we knew was going to be a real climax as the lights burst back on and Chris went rushing on stage screaming for everybody to get up close.

There I was miles away from home watching them live on what I thought would be a relaxing trip away. I can’t describe the next few moments of my life it was a blur, a mix of alcohol, kissing, great music and the most insanely intense and personal concert I’ve ever seen as the crowd could even touch their heroes and what a night, what a holiday and whilst we may not still be together I did let her keep my As Blood Runs Black t shirt as a reminder and she’s still a fan to this day.    

For some more in depth information on the band please visit the As Blood Runs Black official wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/As_Blood_Runs_Black