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As I Lay Dying t-shirts

One Night in Toronto, sounds good don’t you think? It’s essential to name your big nights out these days not for any selfish reason like you want to be able to distinguish them from each other as each one of them ends up with you in a smiling mess but for the more or should I say less social part of our nights out that are now Facebook and Twitter. You know the one the picture of you at the start of the night in your freshly pressed As I Lay Dying t shirt looking cool and systematically picturing your state worsen through the night and still post.

That’s what you have to do these days and despite your reluctance to accept a lack of masculinity in your posting because you’re still a rock hard metal fiend you do it anyway and live in bliss and this is the captain attached to the pictures which messy as they are lay perfectly filed in your online album until your eyes are dark and that beautiful As I Lay Dying t-shirts is now soaked in beer and ripped up your back.

As I Lay Dying At The Sound Academy

So you’ve managed to make it past the doorman and those five seconds of sobering up lasts only until you’re out of sight and it’s straight to the bar again. You keep an eye on the music and there are some decent bands coming and going until The Devil Wears Prada take the stage and now they’ve got your interest. Now you’re rocking and the blood starts pumping and that adrenaline wakes you up in an instant as you work your way through their set.

Now the time has come and As I lay Dying just explodes onto the stage. It’s like somebody has taken a metal bomb and just detonated it right in front of your face as you watch Mancino smash the living daylights out of those drums and that is what your here for isn’t it? This is what it is all about and you hold your drink tightly and raise your first in the air and now the place is moving.

Musically, lyrically and in their performance they were just outstanding. You couldn’t take your eyes or ears of anything they were playing and when it’s all over when the life has been rocked out of you the next day you can look back at that picture when you’re freshly pressed As I Lay Dying t shirt looks perfect and you know it will never look like that again. That’s what a real concert does to you, it ruins you, it taints you and it makes you dirty and stained all over your soul and that is why you love it.   

For all the latest As I Lay Dying information please visit their official website http://asilaydying.com/