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At the Gates T Shirts

Walking through the streets of Malmo you knew summer was coming to an end. Not because of the weather or that people were less full of cheer I’d been working my way up to this point since I knew that At the Gates would be signalling and end on their final tour. I had my At the Gates t shirt at the ready, I had their songs prioritised on every musical device I own and I was working my way up to what was going to be an emotional farewell to the boys.

They had just three shows left after this one and having been lucky enough to see them live before I knew what to expect and I was certain that something special was going to be brought before me. A musical sacrifice for me to enjoy before the life of the band and some are extinguished by time and I’m left stood there in my At the Gates t shirt with nothing but beautiful memories that I can lock in tightly until the grey matter fails me.

Outside The Kulturbolaget And Waiting At The Gates One Final Time

Walking the streets there was a tension and vibrancy that was hard to describe. It was an emotional situation charged by energy and passion and the young crowd a lot of them teens were experiencing for the first time what I would for my last and somehow that’s a beautiful circle to complete. In so many ways in the world what looks like an end to something is the beginning to another and there we were sharing the space all there wearing our t-shirts with pride, different generations with the same love.

The supporting acts came and went and in all honesty I was mingling with friends more than I was listening because they weren’t what I was here for. I joined in of course when like a conductor controlling the orchestra they’d raise a request for noise but we were all waiting for something else and we all knew what.

Then the moment came and they burst onto the stage and to say the place went crazy would be underselling it way too much. I can only imagine this place has great structure because he roof could easily have been lifted off such was the crescendo of noise that filled the room. The mood was set by a rousing performance of the classic ‘Slaughter of the Soul’ and then they rolled on into another brilliant song called ‘Cold’ and then the hits kept coming.

Lindberg was whizzing around the stage like a complete maniac and resembled a rock tornado sweeping everything up in his path and the night just got better and better. Somebody things are beautiful in the beginning but when it’s time that it comes to an end you feel more pain and sorrow and you can’t appreciate it enough. This summer that wasn’t going to happen as it was possibly the most beautiful way to wave goodbye and to this day I keep my At the Gates t-shirt close but I’ll always keep the memory of that show even closer.

For a more in depth look into the band and their history please read the official At the Gates wiki page  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_the_Gates