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Atreyu T shirts

My girlfriend left me and like any decent guitarist when you and you’re girl split it generally means you’re homeless. I mean life throws this stuff at you and you deal with it whatever way you can and for me that meant a trip to Disney Drive. Now for those of you who know that doesn’t mean talking a walk down to meet Mickey and Goofy it means I pulled on my Atreyu t shirt and made it my mission to get messed up watching some live hard music at The House of Blues.

That’s all you need to get you through any break up is your Atreyu t-shirt on, a bud in your hand and single minded ambition to rock your head off surrounded by some wild women and some great music and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint. The night didn’t disappoint. It can go either way when you’re a dark place it sends you absolutely bonkers and end up with you being in a cell all night or it can provide and escape to a better place where the worries of the world disappear.

One way or the other these were the only possible outcomes in this night and when you know it will be a journey with only two possible destinations you have to make sure you enjoy the ride. In all fairness it kicked off without a hitch, few queues and no problems getting in and starting surprisingly on time. The band Drive A kicked it off and to be fair it pumped. You could feel the energy surging through the crowd and whilst I didn’t know much about them they kept it upbeat and certainly got me in the mood.

It was then I noticed a tall blonde next to me smiling away. Now I’m 6ft plus but she matched every inch in her boots and before the real music starts there’s little wrong with checking out the talent right? She looked a little younger but nothing you could arrested for you have to pick out the markers, the signs something good could be on. Did she have a stamp? She did she had ink up her arms and on the base of her back so that was a tick.
Next I had to make sure she’s smiling at me, a long look just to make sure but not too long so it gets creepy and it ended with a smile and a chink of bottles. Now finally what was she wearing? Ripped denim and her very own women’s Atreyu t-shirt she’d ripped to match her jeans. Now clearly it’s not love but I’m thinking how this will play out when the band finally arrive and as the beers went down it felt like the night went into fast forward until that happened.

Atreyu Arrive On Stage And Shows The Youngsters How To Do It

The night had descended into a beautiful haze of bodies, music, drink and other things I can’t talk about for legal reasons but after the young MXPX pretenders left the stage it was time for the big guns to come on stage. The veterans and that’s when I knew it was going to get a whole lot better. I could feel her rubbing up against me and I’m wondering how she’s even old enough to have been following these guys.

I’ve never been prouder to hear them come on stage to a sea of fans going wild, screaming, and cheering, all wearing their Atreyu t-shirts so we can outshine The Used fans here. They absolutely tore the place opening with what has to be a personal favourite ‘becoming the bull’ and it was hard to keep that heartbeat down. You could feel the base trying to tear open your chest cage and rip your heart out right there it was so right.

The set just went on and on with hit after hit Bleeding Mascara, Someone Standing on My Chest, Love Is Illness and I could go on but we must have passed that tall blonde around each one of us as she bravely and a little to eagerly seemed to want to get involved in moshing. Quite where she felt us on her didn’t seem to matter but her eyes returned to me. I can’t lie The Used were up next but after Atreyu there was only one thing I wanted to use.

The night ended with us back at her hotel room. The only thing I took with me when I left the next morning was a smile and my Atreyu t-shirt and a beautiful sleeping satisfied.

For a full and in depth look into Atreyu and their history you can read more at their official wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atreyu_(band)