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Attack of the 50ft Woman T Shirts

Nancy Archer captured the imagination of the world when she played the lead role in this classic film and there’s a lot to admire both in her performance the plot itself. We were surprised to see how many fans out there were desperate to get their hands on our Attack of the 50ft Woman t-shirts but in reality we shouldn’t have been. This film was not only ground breaking but epic too both visually and in terms of the plot.

It combined two almost paradoxical factors in that it explored science fiction and contact with aliens but also fused it with the age old problems of a marriage gone wrong and the infidelity of the husband that followed. Looking at it now I can see why these Attack of the 50ft Woman t-shirts are still so popular, it has become part of the culture of the movie goers of that day and has some incredible elements to the film.

The Real Secret of Success of the Attack of the 50ft Woman

It is the complexity of the film that gives it its depth. Visually it was ground breaking at the time but you almost feel the layers of a troubled woman with a cheating husband running throughout the film. Even when faced with the terror of this giant woman in a lethal rage you always felt sympathy for her. She had been wronged and was troubled and had a terrifying experience but what she had that every man would fear and some women envy was power.

That’s why these t-shirts are so popular; this film was the first to switch the physical power from man to woman. Many women have been wronged and no doubt would never wish retribution but it would always be in an indirect manner but here was a woman faced with the possibility that she could take revenge at will and with no way of stopping her. She was now in control and when you add to that the fact visually some men find the idea of beautiful giant women something exciting it has a potent mix.

That’s why we find the Attack of the 50ft Woman t-shirts such an interesting subject. From a male perspective there’s a visual experience and a feeling of potential helplessness physically towards such a beautiful woman. For a woman she can sympathise with her torment and also envy how now with her giant status she could have the power to exact immediate retribution. There’s something unique in that, the feeling of fear a woman could possess and it makes for a film that you simply can’t ignore as one of the most ground breaking of all time.