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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes T Shirts

A musical, horror, comedy set against the story of deranged and lethal tomatoes springing up to take on and destroy humanity. Now if that isn't an original plot I don't know what is. Some may say farcical others may say genius and perhaps it is a bit of both. That’s why we have so many Attack of the Killer Tomatoes t-shirts here for you to choose from because let me tell you that if you love this film you are not alone friends.

Ground breaking ideas or films that push boundaries are never something to be sniffed and we won’t pretend this film is to everybody’s taste but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit the spot perfectly to a smaller number of people who just simply get the film. That’s why it is you guys buying the DVD’s, it is you guys who are actually wearing these Attack of the Killer Tomatoes t-shirts and it is you guys and you alone who actually get what the director intended when he made this film.

The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Legacy

To those who pan it on Rotten Tomatoes or criticise it without fully understanding its merit you have to ask why is this film so popular decades later. Any number of half decent films will be released every summer only to never be talked about again and why is that? It is because they just don’t do anything different or anything we haven’t seen before so it’s impossible for them to be memorable and that is why they don’t have their own t-shirt range just like the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

So if you’re a fan of films equivalent of marmite then please don’t be ashamed because there are thousands more just like you when it comes to your movie taste.