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Audioslave T Shirts

They said it was just a mongrel of a band, they said it was simply a crass hybrid of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. The critics had their knives at the ready and were willing to carve up anything that came out with great delight. Then the fans came in numbers, Audioslave songs were being played, Audioslave T Shirts were being worn on the streets and suddenly the world had to sit up and take note.

The band wasn’t simply a mix of two super groups it had formed and identity and sound in its own right. Chris Cornell had been ingrained in fans minds so much in the case of Soundgarden perhaps it was difficult at first to see him on vocals with Audioslave but that soon changed and the memory of the new band still lives on.

This is why we have worked hard to create the very best Audioslave t shirts collection we can. In their own right this creation has stood the test of time even if its success was felt less than most fans might have hoped. Morello’s guitar solos were unusual, thoughtful and innovative and Wilk and Commerford created new rhythms that were not limited to any need to fit in with perceptions of how they should play.

It was musical liberation at its best and covering areas as diverse as homage to 70’s rock to lyrics about spiritualism and Christianity you had to hand it to them they simply let rip and that’s why we love them and why we love our collection of Audioslave clothing too.

Women’s and Men’s Audioslave T Shirts Available for Worldwide Delivery

Such was the brief life of Audioslave that their t-shirts were not part of the modern revolution where not everything has to be unisex. We now know women like rock music just as much as men but of course we don’t carry the same shape and never have. That’s why one of the fastest growing rock merchandise market is women and that is why every single one of our Audioslave women’s t shirts are made alongside the men’s.

For in depth information on the history of the band feel free to take a look at their wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audioslave