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Avatar T Shirts

Nobody can deny that James Cameron’s creation Avatar was simply a force of nature upon its release. It captured the imagination of entire nations as they were gripped. The story of a marine essentially caught between two worlds as an Avatar and struggling to deal with that reality and the relationships within it. It simply was one of the most visually stunning feats ever created on movie making and hence why it has such a passionate following and of course why we offer Avatar t shirts.

You may even wonder why there are Avatar t shirts but we have to confess some people truly fell in love with this film. They immersed themselves into this spectacular world and still visit it over and over again. Like that one song you love that you can’t get out of your head and listen to again and again Avatar has such an epic story you simply can’t retain everything so you watch again and again because you know you love it you know you’ll enjoy that’s certain but you’ve forgotten just enough so even the tenth time of watching throws up a little surprise or two

Avatars Critical Reception and Public Adoration

It is fair to say that some critics said it was style of substance, that the story telling and narrative wasn’t brilliant and if it wasn’t for the incredible visuals it wouldn’t have been the amazing spectacle it was. Well who cares really? In life somebody always looks for faults and Avatar is not immune to that. BY nature they’re called critics because they have to try and find fault. Well I think anybody who sat alone in a dark room for three hours to watch it wouldn’t have noticed the time pass and wouldn’t have left bored.

That’s the beauty of Avatar in that it takes you away from your own world for a whole three hours and puts you into the realm of fantasy and Cameron does that brilliantly and given its fan base to this day we’d say he did a terrific job and with three more films in the pipeline we think there may be a lot more to come and of course more Avatar t shirts