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Avril Lavigne T-shirt and T-shirts

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Avril Lavigne

So Canada has given the world something a little more substantial, in some ways, than Pamela Anderson haven’t they? The pint sized punk princess who burst on the scene named Avril Lavigne for one we can mention.

Born in Belleville, Ontario but spent most of her formative years in a very beautiful but small town called Napanee. Avril seemed destined for stardom from a young age, with her own unique style and distinctive voice by the tender age of 15 she had already appeared on stage with the beautiful Shania Twain.

Just 1 year later she was signed by Artista Records with a whopping 2 million dollar contract that really made the world stand up and take notice. Now 17 she embarked of her debut album in 2002 called Let’s Go and she became the youngest female solo artists to go to number 1 in the UK charts.

It was by any way you want to measure it an epic success. The hit debut single ‘complicated’ charted at number 1 all over the globe and the album went on to go platinum four times over with a massive 18 million copies.

If there were fears Miss Lavigne would be a one hit wonder they were quickly dispelled, her second album Under My Skin went on to wrap up an incredible 10 million copies globally and it was followed by the amazing The Best Damn Thing once again another number one album.

This really is an unparalleled success story, something with her hit home with the youth of the day. She was talented and beautiful, though her image was embedded in rock rather than the pop princess category so many of her peers feel into. The counter culture took her into their hearts and you became the fantasy of every teenage boy on that scene and an idol to millions of girls who just didn’t fit into the bubble gum pop or R n B movements.

Her hits are instantly recognisable Sk8er Boi, I’m With You, My Happy Ending have been heard in almost every teenage bedroom and it seems almost crazy now to think she’s still just 27 years old. In our minds she’ll probably be thought of as younger as she still seems like a Peter Pan of pop with her youthful looks barely changing but she’s been around for so long it’s a paradox because we can’t believe what she’s achieved so young.

Her own fashion range, branching out into acting and becoming a businesswoman at the same time it seems there is little she can’t turn her hand too and we can’t wait for this icon’s next move.