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Babyshambles T-shirts

Babyshambles seem to be a band that has been just as famous for heir off stage antics as what happens on it. Everybody seems to have been fascinated by the Pete Doherty bandwagon that rolled on after he shot to stardom with The Libertines and there’s no sign of that dying down but a band once described as a ‘car crash’ in musical terms have pretty much surprised everybody critics and fans alike with recently delivering their third album Sequel to the Prequel and are making some really great music. Perhaps that’s why Babyshambles t shirts are currently so popular.

We always love to build people up and knock them down but those who are down, that underdog spirit you can’t help but want to see them get back up and especially when they are as talented as these guys. Perhaps there’s not the nobility in that notion that we may first think. Perhaps there are those who want to see Babyshambles rise again to simply anticipate their next fall because it is drama but that’s not what we’re seeing from fans here. The band played a rousing set at The Forum recently and Doherty stumbled and meandered around the stage drinking is pink drink with all the charisma of a real top class front man. We had a look around and even saw a few of our very own Babyshambles t shirts in the crowd as they cheered them on and we won’t deny the Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop cover was a nice touch.

How Perceptions and Opinions Change Over Time and How We May Remember Babyshambles

It is a strange world we live in now where seemingly mature music lovers discuss the nostalgia of past bands and they wax lyrical about The Beatles or The Ramones and rightly so in musical terms but they seem to almost gloss over the rampant drug use of almost all of the top bands from those eras. Most punk bands, early metal, heavy rock all seemed to battle with the demons of drink and drugs and even The Rolling Stones appear on stage now to incredible love for what they’ve done and it does seem a bit hypocritical to then lambast bands now that follow the same route.

That’s really it a nutshell. Babyshambles and Doherty in particular have fallen foul of drink and drugs but only like so many hundreds of bands that have gone before them but it seems those in the past are simply tagged with innocence and excess modern bands are charged with crimes of high treason against music. We don’t and never would advocate drug use in any form of life but if there is use should the fact it’s wrong be a moral question or a question of who is the most popular act. Is it because Floyd, Beatles, Ramones and all were so popular their forgiven for their sins? Or could it be that we’re in a moral prohibition where everybody conforms and in years time we’ll look back at Babyshambles differently. In the Babyshambles t shirts section we’re not here to answer that only to ask the question and hopefully deliver some fascinating non official Babyshambles t-shirts for you to enjoy.