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Backstreet Boys T-Shirts

Backstreet Boys T-shirt Bonanza at T Shirt Subway


Backstreet Boys

What can we say about the biggest selling boy band that hasn’t already been said? With my sexual energy than a panther on Viagra and with more charisma that Paul Newman in a suit that’s why these guys got to where they are now at the pinnacle of teen dream music and we’re glad they made it.

If a roll call is needed let me introduce to you Nick, Howie, AJ, Brian and Kevin and why not take a walk through the band from beginning to end.

Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell, sounds weird giving them their full title but in any case those two were cousins from the good old state of Kentucky and which also means we have something else to thank that state for other than friend chicken, only joking we’re big fans.

Around that same time Nick, Howie and AJ were set on a course to meet that only destiny could have planned. Nick answered an ad regarding a boy band and boom, pow, bang the two became three and they started harmonising their plot to the top.

The Orlando Sentinel had brought them together but another great establishment was about to make them even stronger, yes the good old magic of Disney was about to sprinkle a little star dust over these guys and it was to end much sweeter than they could have imagined.

Kevin was in Florida and working at Disney now, some way from Kentucky and when he wasn’t on stage as part of Aladdin or jumping around like a Ninja Turtle and low and behold they came together like a big of popular fun.

No matter what is said about these guys their first two albums were nothing short of sensational, Millennium and Black and Blue were monumental. Not only for their incredible success but also for the amazing tour that followed and the girls went nuts.

We are talking crazy nuts here, screaming, and throwing panties and the good old favourite feinting. No boy band is complete without an overwhelmed girl collapsing as the mere sight of them. Funny how most teenage boys struggle to get a smile from a girl but these guys were getting free underwear, in any case teenage sex is no laughing matter, disease and pregnancy can be tough but we secretly think these girls were just being girls and it was all innocent fun, well that was until we heard some of stories the guys told us.

The only major change was Kevin’s departure in 2006 but the band like every band took a few years out of the spotlight. A couple of visits to India some new work but they disappeared off the radar of the music world but never out of the hearts of their fans but the best was yet to come.

The Backstreet Boys or BSB as their fans affectionately call them were about to explode back to the world with their amazing This is Us album and tour.  A unified effort with the New Kids on the Block saw a reincarnation of the old boy band status except now of course they were men. The good looks and charm were still there but they’d matured as had their audience.

This is where we leave it to date and this is where T Shirt Subway have taken stock and realised that you can surely have a music t-shirt store without paying tribute to one of music’s greatest success stories. Three normal kids from the states, meeting by chance turned out to be the biggest boy band in history and that is some achievement and a beautiful story.