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Bad Brains T Shirts

Bad Brains T-shirts at T Shirt Subway

What are Bad Brains? Are they punk, hardcore? Can you class some of their work as Reggae well who knows and who cares because such a great band should never be pigeon holed into anything other than what they are musical warriors who inspire some great music and of course a great range of Bad Brains t shirts for us to enjoy.

They took their name from the amazing Ramones track Bad Brain and their previous effort Mind Power was now consigned to history. Their music was complex but brilliant and they were fans of instrumentals and solo’s in a way no other punk band has been able to match and that's perhaps why Bad Brains t shirts are still so popular today their following remains loyal and strong because of their merit. .

The Changing Face of Bad Brains But the Original Line Up Remains

The line up now is exactly as it was and that’s incredible given the number of break up’s they’ve had and changes to the group. Human Rights, Dr Know, Darryl Jenifer and Earl Hudson are widely credited with creating a new movement and a new genre of music though they themselves refuse to recognise some of the title’s attributed to their work.

Originally a jazz-fusion combination bands such as Black Sabbath heavily influenced their direction, though some people thought of them originally as a novelty because it was mainly a white dominated market the world of rock they myth was quickly blown away when people saw their talent and the Bad Brains t shirt collection at T Shirt Subway is glad that they did.

The album Rock for Light followed and then the band came apart from a short time after, their first return was soon to follow in 1986 and fans of the band were now about to see them embarked on several changes and mew members be introduced.

There was a directional shift within the band as part wanted to stay true to reggae and the others looking to new emerging punk, rock, metal styles that were sweeping the nation. With musical differences set there was always going to be a period of instability within the band.

They’ve been heavily credited with influencing bands such as Living Color and Fishbone but upon returning with Build a Nation it’s their own work that has stood the test of time. A true pioneering band and one that not only pushed boundaries but broke them and that’s why they will always be loved here and why you, we are sure are big fans of them too ad of course of our Bad Brains t shirts.