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Bathory T Shirts

It was a long time ago now, almost three decades ago when a friend entered the room claiming to have a brilliant new band to listen to. Right about then pretty much everybody was listening to Slayer and Venom, or still reciting albums from the peak of Black Sabbath and Motorhead but there was a sense that something new was happening. This was long before I ever owned my much loved Bathory t-shirt and sat hunched on the bed with Sabbath on.

There was a new movement we were starting to feel. A little bit more extreme and aggressive than what we’d heard in the past. It’s in the nature if youth to try and push their generation to great limits of intensity of not musicianship but the world of black and thrash metal were upon us and my friend walking in holding Bathory’s first album. There was something special about hearing something for the first time and we couldn’t have known at that time the band we’re going to be one of the biggest inspirations for many bands to come after them.

The Very First Time I Heard The Album Bathory

The first time we heard Bathory there was a sense of excitement, the sounds felt weird initially but in a very good way. Intense but intriguing it left us feeling like we wanted more and we did.  Nobody quite knew who Quorthorn was but it was clear there was a genius at the heart of this masterpiece made simply in a garage. Ok the studio value isn’t there but that was surely part of the charm to a new movement and by the end of it all wanted to hear them live and we all wanted a Bathory t shirt.

It flows so well even with its structure and whilst parts could be repetitive you were drawn into the sound and the feeling. I think that’s what the late Quorthorn valued most, not so much the lyrics but the essence of the song and how it made you feel when you heard the melody and passion thrown together. Somebody later went on to tell me that he was also a fan of classical music and in his later albums that was much more evident and sounds change.

I’ll never forget the first day I heard it and I won’t forget the day he passed either. He truly could change the sound and direction of this great band and yet retain something familiar across all albums. You knew instantly it was a Bathory song even though through the years they differ from each other and where he takes them. Now I own and cherish a Bathory t-shirt and I even have the re-mastered albums but there’s nothing like the original and there is nothing like Bathory. 

For a more in depth look into the band and their history you can find out more at their official wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathory_(band)