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Beck T Shirt and T Shirts

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Bek David Campbell, musician, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist or as we know him Beck! To say why Beck was and is still so popular is hard to define he didn’t have any one audience or any one style his pop-junk mix of musical styles, tongue in cheek lyrics, samples, drums, live instruments and heavy sound effects never fell into any one box and maybe that’s why he was idolised.


Unique an individual, who represented a culture not represented, from the collage kids, to rock, hip hop to the kids who didn’t fit in beck crossed them all and they could enjoy without ever aligning themselves with a particular style.


Born in Los Angeles to a musician father and a mother who was a dancer for the Velvet Underground Beck had music in his blood and when they split he stayed with his mother and brother in L.A and immersed himself in the rich musical culture of the place, from hip hop to Latin and even his mothers artistic scene, they were all embraced.


His early work was often described as novelty music, huge tracks such as loser were dismissed as one off but it’s now clear that Beck was a one of able to constantly change his sound and style. Since then his variety has meant he has been liked to Prince, the Beastie Boys but probability he best comparison due to his wonderful lyrics tone and the poetry of sound is that of a post modern Bob Dylan. All we know is he is Beck he is great and he has two turntables and a microphone.