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Big Country T Shirts

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Big Country

Well I bet when people first heard the name Big Country they weren’t quite expecting the lads involved to be from the cold fringes of Fife in Scotland did they? Their fashion sense looked more hillbilly than cutting edge but their music is what drove that following on both sides of the Atlantic.

The spirit of Scotland, the bagpipes, fiddles and fun were all brought together by the now legendary Stuart Adamson, Bruce Watson, Tony Butler and Mark Brzezicki and whilst other drummer came and went the original line up still considered to be the classic by most.

Though rehearsals we ploughed through in Scotland and their first breakthrough came there at a live gig the bands opening venture to big stages came with Alice Cooper’s Special Forces tour. Though the band were musically and instrumentally tight their brand of music didn’t sit well the largely metal crowd and bar a small following of skids fan they were never taken to this time around.

It was their second single Field of Fire that caught the attention of the public with a surprising top 10 hit. The album The Crossing soon followed and the band not only gained a reputation in the UK but it was a big hit in America too.

It was their second album Steeltown that was to become their biggest success and almost instantly from the moment it was released shot to the number 1 spot in the UK album charts. The bright lights and glitz were about to slap these humble boys in the face and they took it like champions.

Not long after their second album was released they started to tour with heavyweights such as Queen and Roger Daltry, real music royalty in their eyes and ours and cemented their position as one of the most popular bands of their time.

The next album was their biggest selling. The Seer was commercially their biggest hit though disputed amongst fans if it was there most successful. Backing vocals from Kate Bush and the big single Look Away culminated in a feeling within the band had peaked.

Their fourth album was seen as a return to the roots of their music and some sceptically assume it was created within Los Angeles to recapture their American audience and No Place Like Home wasn’t well received by critics and fans alike despite the band still having success supporting mega bands such as The Who and The Rolling Stones.

Many thought the Final Fling tour would be exactly that and the name of the tour seemed somewhat eerie as Adamson disappeared. Given his battle with alcohol and state of mind fans and the band feared the worst. This was one story that wouldn’t have a happy ending as though he’d previously disappeared and turned up again this was not to be as he was found dead.

The autopsy shows tragically he hanged himself and with an excessively high blood alcohol level all you can say is music lost another of its son’s to suicide. Its incredible how many artists, who become exposed to excess, seem unable to contain what comes with it emotionally?

In 2007 there was a welcoming reunion of the band and even more recently they have toured and it’s a sight that fans all over the world will be happy to see. The story of Big Country is never dull from the rags of Fife to the riches of LA the road wasn’t always paved with gold but it take them past our house.