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Billy Bragg T Shirts

How best can you describe Billy Bragg? Perhaps with his full name of Stephen William Bragg, or maybe it could be as an inspirational and experimental rock musician or perhaps you could point to his work as a left wing activist but in reality he’s all of the above and more a true original working class hero and this could be the reason Billy Bragg T shirts are still so popular to this day.

Our Bill Bragg t shirt range came from a love of a man from humble beginnings in Essex he himself found a love for music and was part of a punk rock band titled Riff Raff. The tongue in cheek name was carried across the London Pub Scene for a while until Billy became disenchanted with the world of music.

A surprising career change came when he decided to join the armed forces. His attendance at the British Army was short lived and perhaps born out frustration and after initial training before he was posted he paid for his early release from the force.

Billy Bragg T Shirts For the Working Class


Before we continue talking about his career we would like to say how proud we are to be continuing to spread the word of such a working class activist and we hope that you really enjoy our Billy Bragg t shirts as soon as you have finished reading about him of course


A return to music was in the offing and a series of gigs and busking on the streets schooled Bragg in his connecting with the working man and everyday person that where to be so pivotal in his career. His roadie at the time was Andy Kershaw who was later to become a DJ on the BBC and was to carry some influence in the media.

It could have been his musical talent that caused him to breakthrough but in fact it was his sharp mind. Impersonating a television repair man he managed to get into the office of Peter Jenner who was high up the chain at Charisma Records.

Whilst Jenner loved the demo the business was close to folding and decided to release Life’s a Riot Spy v Spy under his new label Utility. Upon hearing iconic presenter John Peel was hungry Bragg ran down with a Mushroom Biryani. His record was played and the rest is history.


A great human being and loved thinker we know Billy Bragg has plenty of fans out there today. That is why we've puch so much into our Billy Bragg clothing. We know they care so we care and hopefully something nice will come out of that for everybody


Iconic Billy Bragg T Shirts Available For International Delivery


Whilst his voice remains strongest in the UK and the United States, Billy Bragg clothing is popular all over the world because where there is thought and conscience there is somebody usually interested in his work and his thoughts.


Be it for political use or be it to voice a particular thought you can always count on one of our tops to cause a reaction, some may agree or disgree and perhaps even call you an anarchist but who cares it's you and your opinion that matters and if this is the tee shirt you want then you go get it.


For all the latest information Billy Bragg related please visit the official website http://www.billybragg.co.uk/