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Blind Guardian T Shirts

If may have been just a few years ago but it feels some way off now. Back then I had the greatest friend I could ever wish for. I was a deluded young drummer, as we all can be, with aspirations of metal success coming my way and she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Jeanie she was called, tall, dark, beautiful and with an insatiable desire for the same type of music I liked. Everything you could ever wish for.

Usually I’d arrive on her porch to her father making some joke or another asking me to hang on whilst he got the money for the pizza but this time I turned up brash as anything with my Blind Guardian t-shirt on. We’d never really discussed if we saw each other as anything but friends but I thought tonight may be different. We were both heading to see the famous Blind Guardian live for the very first time and what better moment to make your move. When I saw her coming down the stairs in her jeans wearing her Blind Guardian t-shirt it hit me like a drum solo in the face and I knew it was coming I just couldn’t stop those feelings.

In fact she didn’t walk down the stairs she bounced down and literally wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. This was it Thursday the 9th December and L.A was the only place to be and what better time to share than seeing our favourite veteran band in the music box. It couldn’t get any better as our ride pulled up and two of the guys pulled and brought a friend along called Biz. Didn’t sound like a real name but he was a 6ft 4 long haired brute and well you’re open to one of them riding along and given he had a Blind Guardian t shirt on too I guessed he was cool.

Blind Guardian, Hollywood Boulevard and Some Great Live Music

It wasn’t hard to find our way down Hollywood Boulevard and by the time we arrived we could already see streams of Blind Guardian fans and some Holy Grail all wearing an assortment of t-shirts and we simply just felt at home straight away. Jeanie kept catching my eye and smiling, it was like she sensed something special was going to happen than night and I could to. After all we knew these guys were going to rock it, even after all their time on the circuit they’d simply amassed so many great songs and every time we heard about them they were supposedly as tight as ever.

Several drinks later, many close encounters as we gathered our space the lights finally went down and as the instrumental came in the place went nuts. The moment had come to finally see Kursch, Olbrich, Siepen and Ehmke take to the stage and they didn’t disappoint from the opening Sacred World right the way through to the final songs it was like the entire place was is a trance. So much quality they had that the usual L.A crowd would have people smashing it and moshing but despite them bringing the house down everybody was transfixed and it went far too quickly.

By the end when the lights were still down I realised I’d forgotten to make my move on Jeanie and now was the time. I turned to see where she was but couldn’t until the one thing I didn’t want to see came into focus. There she stood against the wall making out with Biz. I knew from then on that I can’t wait when I feel something, you have to seize the moment and that’s not because it’s some life strategy but because if you don’t somebody else will and that was the case. I never got to see or feel what was underneath that Blind Guardian t-shirt but I bet Biz did.    

If you wish you can check out all the latest Blind Guardian information at their official website http://www.blind-guardian.com/