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Bloc Party T Shirts

The Brilliant Bloc Party T shirst Collection at T Shirt Subway


Bloc Party

The coolest indie rock band to come out of the UK, Quite possibly but the brilliantly named Bloc party are a lot more than style over substance there’s real musical genius within the band. The story of their formation is a mix or romance and practicality.

Whilst its beginning is how you would dream with Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack meeting by chance at the Reading Festival the other two band members joined in the rather more conventional way through an advert in the NME and an audition.

There was nothing conventional about their music though as even from an early stage they demonstrated a freedom to experiment with their sound. Their big break came with Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq and Alex Kapranos the lead singer of the in vogue band Franz Ferdinand acquiring a demo tape of the single She’s Hearing Voices.

Upon playing the single the noted Radio 1 DJ declared it musical genius and the buzz that was created around them was to resonate like a sound wave for some time to come through the music world.

They had a lot to live up to now and the album Silent Alarm released and they needn’t have feared as the album was a smash hit with fans and critics alike and was named NME Album of the Year before going platinum.

They were well received in the United States and soon embarked on a gruelling 18 month tour of the US. With almost half a million copies sold in the US the famous Chemical Brothers soon approached Kele about a track together and Believe was put on their album Push the Button.

The second album A Weekend in the City and reached number 2 in the albums chart and a series of singles were spawned with the popular The Prayer and Hunting for Witches. A series of live performances at the biggest festivals such as Glastonbury and Leeds followed by more symbolic was their return to the Reading Festival where it all started.

Intimacy and One More Chance followed but the band decided to take a break until 2011 where they returned to start work on a new album with all new material and we can’t wait it should be here any moment now or perhaps already out by the time you read this.

Many have speculated about their musical influences with anything from The Cure to Joy Division being named but it is Okereke’s own admission that is the most significant. He said that Mogwai’s album Mogwai Young Team changed his life and he referred to it as his musical ‘year zero’