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Bowie T Shirts

If we were to mention an artist who has inspired so many others that have followed after him, who has constantly pushed the boundaries of his music, re invented himself time and time again and had a musical career spanning 5 decades; would you know who we were talking about? Of course you would it’s the charming enigmatic David Bowie.
Born David Robert Jones in Brixton, the man we now know as David Bowie has been described as many by one of the most influential artists of his time, known for his distinctive voice and intellectual depth, a multi instrumentalist, he can play with aplomb the guitar, piano and saxophone but can also play harmonica, drums and bass guitar amongst others. He even has on occasion strayed into acting making Hollywood films but we all remember him as one of the pioneers of glam rock. Space Oddity, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars all shocked the musical industry with their revolutionary style. Subsequent musical exploits have explored blue eyed soul, new wave and electronica.
Having sold over 136 million albums in his career and been introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame David Bowie is a true living legend. No matter what you favourite is Ziggy Stardust, Changes, Space Oddity, Rebel Rebel, Heroes, Starman or Let’s Dance we’re sure you will find the perfect David Bowie T shirt to suit you.