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Bowling for Soup T Shirts

Bowling for Soup T Shirts at T Shirt Subway

Bowling for Soup

A bunch of guys from Texas came up with the name and as to why we’re not quite sure but what we do know is BFS are much under rated and hot band. Though they originate from Wichita Falls their named place of birth is listed as Fort Worth.

Consisting of band members Jaret Reddick, Chris Burnley, Erik Chandler and Gary Wiseman they took the name from an old Steve Martin sketch so at least we know they’ve got great taste in humour as well as music.

They’ve been branded a ‘pop punk’ band since the very first release of Let’s Do It for Johnny but I think we and the band themselves find this title a little misplaced. They’re certainly much more credible artists than to be labelled anything pop.

Drunk Enough to Dance followed and their second album certainly grew that fan base and received a Grammy Award Nomination for the brilliant ‘Girl All the Bad Guys Want’ and a cover of the Punk Rock 101 by the band A Flock of Seagulls also proved popular.

Their third album release A Hangover You Don’t Deserve is their only album to break into the US Top 40 album charts and that has been credited largely to the huge airplay given to one of the tracks off the album called ‘1985’ and was written by the band SR-71.

The albums since have been a mix of covers and new releases Bowling for Soup Goes to the Movies was well received and featured in several films new tracks of old material. Star Jam and the Great Burrito Extortion case have been released to mixed reviews but there’s no doubt these guys have a unique and loyal fans base.