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Bright Eyes T Shirts

Indie Sensation Bright Eyes T Shirts at T Shirt Subway


Bright Eyes


Bright Eyes are a alternative indie/rock band heralding for the good old US and they feature they talented works of front man, singer songwriter and guitarist Conor Oberst, the talented Mike Mogis producer and instrumentalist and last but not least they wonderful Nate Walcott and they together produce one of the most unique sounds on music today.

Let’s be clear Oberst has clearly stated that the name is not taken from a Bonnie Tyler song but was something he just liked the sound of himself. He was largely responsible if not solely for the first album A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997.

In this album he experimented with different musical styles and sounds and drum machines and keyboards featured significantly in the tracks. It was quite widely criticised for the vocals becoming difficult to understand and overshadowing the music but it had shown a willingness to experiment.

Letting off the Happiness and Every Day and Every Night were released in quick succession but there was very little talk of the band, some interviews were spoken about of not being serious or having an impersonator make them up all of which were confusing but Bright Eyes were yet to hit their fan base at large.

Fevers and Mirrors saw additional use of instruments and had a darker feel to the records, the fan base started to grow and as it did Oberst faced a little criticism for lyrics being insincere and made up which at some time he actually agrees and others he suggest they’re open to interpretation and it’s that uncertainty we quite like.
The band themselves said some of the tracks were so downcast it was important to make fun of themselves during it just to make sure they weren’t too depressing. We don’t really mind the explanation but in a world where everybody follows the same formula it’s nice to see a band bucking the trend.

Lifted was the first album to receive press on an almost global basis and the hugely influential New York Times produced several articles about the growing reputation of Bright Eyes. Time, Rolling Stone and Blender all followed suit in their praise and highlighted Bright Eyes as one of the significant emerging artists coming through at that moment.

In January 2002 two very different albums were released the folk like I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning and Digital Ash in a Digital Um had a much more electro pop influence and the former album actually reached the Top 15 of the US album charts.

After performing live with artists such as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen and the hits ‘Lua’ and ‘Take It Easy’ hitting the top of the billboard hot singles chart the ball was rocking and rolling along and you could see the formation of a big band getting closer every second.

Not without their political views the band played their single ‘When the President talks to God’ a protest song and they’ve been vocal on their disapproval of the Clear channel and George W Bush. Now that’s a band great music, great character and a few political views thrown in to show the masses they still have a voice.