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Bullet For My Valentine T Shirts

Hi my name is Amy and I’m eight years old and I just wanted to tell you about the monster that lives in my room. It’s not big, it is only small but I’ve heard my mom saying that the best things come in small packages so this must be the best little monster ever which scares me quite a bit. She left it in my room one night when she came in holding her ear. She’d been drinking her ‘happy juice’ again and some guy with long hair was in the living room. She came in walking funny with a black t shirt on that said Bullet For My Valentine.

I’d seen it before and I think men must bring them around with the happy juice because they always seem to go together. She was talking to me I think but she said this is a real monster you will love this but then she closed her eyes and left it on the table with this little note on it. I could read my mom’s writing even when she’s happy and it confirmed what I thought because it said on it ‘an absolute beast inside’ and it was quite thin and square.

The Bullet For My Valentine Monster Is Here To Stay

I can’t sleep now unless I have my flashlight. I keep it under my pillow at all times now. Mom gets kind of angry when the lights go out because she hasn’t paid but that’s ok because my friend Barney tells me that monsters don’t like the light so I keep it tucked away. Every now and then I look at it and it says ‘Bullet for My Valentine The Poison’ same as on mom’s t-shirt so I know it’s for me because she always say’s I’m her little valentine once a year a little after Christmas.

I know what a bullet is and I know what poison is and it scares me. Most monsters don’t have weapons you could maybe just hit them on the head and they’ll go away but this one is armed it seems so I’ll never open the box. I keep it hidden and every so often I hear my mom shout something about the poison and she can’t find it when another one of her guy friends come around and she’s wearing her t-shirts again but I can’t ever let her find it. When she has her juice she can be a bit silly and we can’t risk her opening that box.

That is a true story my friends and the moral is well Bullet for My Valentine are awesome but they are certainly not for young kids but then again hopefully you’re of legal age here otherwise you won’t be able to buy anything anyway. 

For the latest up to date information on anything Bullet For My Valentine please visit thier official website http://www.bulletformyvalentine.com/uk