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Cage the Elephant T Shirts

We’re all eagerly anticipating their third album at the time of writing this and we hope you are too. We can’t deny an affinity for Cage the Elephant partly because they seemed to find a following over here first. Cage the Elephant t shirts are popular the world over but to say they’re from Bowling Green, Kentucky they have a surprisingly large UK based support.

Their first album was certainly popular in both sides of the world with Europe and America both taking to this fresh new rock sound that was emerging and with the second album Thank You, Happy Birthday it was received brilliantly by both fans and critics alike coming in at Number 2 in the Billboard charts.

What comes next we will have to see but walking the streets of London or Manchester you wouldn’t be surprised to see a Cage the Elephant t shirt pop up just as easily there as in Kentucky or New York though that may be because we spend more time here. In fact it probably is but it’s still nice when a US band finds a place here they are comfortable too.

Women’s Cage the Elephant T Shirts Available

It’s the modern age and yet manufacturers still don’t get with the programme. They think only about stock or about profits or margins and they absolutely lose sight of what the customer actually wants. Does Cage the Elephant have female fans? Of course they do rock music is as ingrained in women’s lives as men so the big question is do they cater for that?

The answer to that is a big fat no because they don’t. They expect women to still put up with a sole choice of a man’s t-shirt which they describe as unisex. Sure it cuts costs and yes it means you have to make less stock and of course there are plenty of women out there who like a man’s tee but in reality is it right to only offer that choice?

 Of course not each one of our Cage the Elephant t-shirts has its own Cage the Elephant women’s t-shirt to choose from. Just so if you prefer things made a little more specifically with you in mind then you can choose. That’s what it is all about choice and we hope you find that here.

To find out the latest information on their third album or their current tour with Muse then check them out here http://www.cagetheelephant.com