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Cannibal Corpse T Shirts

There’s a story I heard about a woman they’ve named disfigured Debbie. Only a few have heard this story because it’s said that so few live to tell the tale. Once famed for her beauty she would strut down the streets with her long blonde hair flowing down her back and with her earphones plugged into her mind forcing hardcore metal into her brain. When she walked she would show just enough to see her perfect pale skin covered with ink and she always wore her favourite Cannibal Corpse t-shirt.

It felt like there was a beautiful darkness inside her, so distant yet so beautiful so tainted yet so pure and then one day something happened. So proud was she of the attention received she would smile as the townsfolk casted admiring glances at her. She never spoke to them ever. Never even a cursory glance she would just enjoy walking up and down in her tight and treasured Cannibal Corpse t-shirt like an evil delight they couldn’t ever taste. One after one she spurned them all, not even a polite ‘No’ would cross her lips as they each tried to catch a word or even a breath of acknowledgement yet she continued all day long to walk past them.

So infuriated they were by the one they know as ‘Cannibal Corpse’ girl that some of the sickest member of men in that town decided to get together and punish her for what she did. They met and decided that one night they’d set her alight. It wasn’t hard to predict where she’d be as she walked often through the woods at night and this night they lay waiting with their petrol and lighters. What happened that night remains a mystery but it is said that the screams could be heard two towns along. Her beautiful face was burnt and disfigured and they rejoiced in their evil revenge.

What Happened To the Girl In The Cannibal Corpse T-Shirt?

Though the body was never found those who took part in the torture say she died after hours of pain. Her tortured soul couldn’t take moving on to the afterlife looking the way she did and tales started to emerge of a disfigured woman stalking the streets with a badly burnt face and wearing torched Cannibal Corpse t-shirt. At first it was dismissed as a simple myth, something to tell to the kids if they didn’t behave ‘Do as you’re told or disfigured Debbie will find you’.

It was a story that spread quickly and not to everybody’s liking as this poor girl had been set alight simply for not caring to talk with any man. It seemed sadist to make up such sick untrue tales. As the weeks went past though each of the men who were there that night started to disappear and their bodies would appear days later cold and with horrific injuries. Part of them looked like they had been torn apart whilst other parts looked half eaten. No animal could do this as each bite looked like it came from a human mouth and one by one they fell.

Only one survived. His name was Eric. On hearing of the killings he came clean that he’d never touched her and that he tried to persuade them not do it do it but they threatened to torch him to. All of a sudden he became distant and stopped talking to people, he would walk all day with his earphone in listening to the same songs she did, as when they torched her he took her music. He would then walk the streets listening to her music and he started wearing his very own Cannibal Corpse t-shirt.

The townsfolk were so sure he had killed these boys and that he was now living in her memory doing what she did, doing her will and her bidding that they decided to give him the same fate by burning him alive too. However, unfortunately for the town they only succeeded in doubling her power as now they are stalked by two.

For anything related to the great band Cannibal Corpse you can find it at their official website http://www.cannibalcorpse.net/