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Celtic Frost T Shirts

An American couple were on holiday in London when they came across a small back street market in London. The bustling little market was full of cheer and excitement as men and women shouted loudly and quickly and did anything to get the tourists attention but in the midst of this there was a tiny little shop. Two hulking men stood outside with long dark hair, beards and sleeveless Celtic Frost t-shirts on.

It brought the middle aged couple right back to their teens when they loved the metal scene and loved Celtic Frost. It seemed almost rude to visit the UK see this and not have a little look around. They were now both middle aged respectable parents on holiday so it wasn’t quite as comfortable passing through the doors as it once was but it did bring back the nostalgia they felt when they first met so with a cursory nod they passed the two men on the door.

To their surprise when they entered the shop only had one thing for sale it was the same Celtic Frost t-shirt hanging up on every rack in all difference sizes. They were surprised and being American felt a bit disappointed by the selection on off and in typical New York fashion than man blurted out ‘Is this the only damn thing you have? At which point a chair they previously thought was empty turned around and there was a man dressed like the two on the door who looked deep into their eyes pausing just long enough to make them feel uncomfortable before breaking the tension with a smile.

“It’s the only thing you’ll ever need” he said with his deep gravel like voice.


The Only Celtic Frost T Shirt You Will Ever Need


The couple were astonished at his confidence as to why he thought this one t-shirt was the only thing they’d ever need. To their surprise he went onto explain how this t-shirt could do things they could never imagine. That they only made it because it gave whoever wore it a special gift, a gift that everybody wants and few have. They asked the man to continue humouring what they thought was an eccentric local and he went on to explain that it gave anybody who worn it the carnal desire and sexual appetite of an army of lovers and it made whoever put it on to be  ravenous lustful beast.

The man laughed at this, as being a heroic sexual warrior he didn’t need such a thing but his wife seemed genuinely interested in its properties. She pretended that it was out of simply modest curiosity that she was intrigued and perhaps it was but she badgered her man into trying it on. He thought what the hell he didn’t believe it anyway so what harm could it do and he asked to try on this magical Celtic Frost t-shirt on.

The man in the chair looked him looked him up and down before calling for somebody to bring him a man’s size medium before telling the woman to brace herself. Instantly one of them men returned inside and simply picked on off the rack without giving it a second thought. The husband tried it on and suddenly this glazed, insane sexual appetite came over him and she could see a look in his eyes so bursting with passion and one she hadn’t seen since they first met in their teenage years.

Then to her horror he leapt at the man in the chair dragged him to his feet and bend him over and ripped down his pants and the man in the chair screamed

“You bloody idiot you’ve given him the women’s XL and not the men’s medium you stupid............arrrrgh!”

True story but if you're lefting wanting more Celtic Frost then please visit their official website http://www.celticfrost.com/