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Children of Bodom T Shirts

A young man, dumb, happy and in love walks through the Pharmacy door. His hair black, his back hunched, with ear rings and piercings to go with his Children of Bodom t-shirt that looked like it would have to be surgically removed from his back to make him take it off. He walked up and down the aisles and looked a bit unsure of himself as he paced up and down. Just then an ageing pharmacist was a bit concerned about the young man and his intentions so he walked over calmly.
‘Can I help you?’ he said to the young man but the young man shook his head. The pharmacist could tell he was no threat and being experienced in this stuff he decided to make the young man feel at ease. He decided to find some common ground and asked ‘So that Children of Bodom on your t-shirt, what’s all that about?’
The young man smiled and went on to tell him about this incredible extreme metal group who were just the best around and after sharing a common conversation the boy felt more relaxed to ask the pharmacist for what he really wanted. He went on to tell him that he was actually looking for some condoms because he’d been dating this girl for a while now and he really liked her and he honestly thought tonight would be ‘the night’ and that he should bring protection just in case.
The pharmacist was surprised and thought perhaps the boy in the Children of Bodom t-shirt was alright after all. He praised his attitude and said he remembered the days when he was young and said that sometimes once a girl gets the taste for pre marital love they could be hard to stop so suggested perhaps he should buy more than three. The boy laughed and said it would be an incredible night if he were able to use more than three but somehow he just felt like this was his lucky day so perhaps to be on the safe side he should buy six.

The Dinner, The Date and The Boy With The Children of Bodom T Shirt

That night he made a special effort to look nice. His hair was flowing, his scent musky and he washed and ironed his favourite t-shirt and made his way over to his girlfriends house. She greeted him at the door and gave him a huge kiss and he could just feel it in his bones that this was it, he could tell how much they both liked each other and they were ready.
She ushered him into the living room and that young, loved up smile that was beaming across soon turned to horror as he could see her father eyeing him over the table with an evil glare. There was something menacing about the way he was holding that knife and he sat down next to daddy’s little angel.
He decides to try and rectify matters by asking if he could give the blessing before they ate and his nervous voice continued praying for several minutes until he finished to a wall of silence. His girlfriend leaned over to him and said ‘You didn’t tell me you were religious’ to which the boy replied ‘You didn’t tell me your father was a pharmacist’
You can find out all the latest Children of Bodom information at their official website http://www.cobhc.com/