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The Clash T shirts

The Clash hold a particular place our hearts here as it was the voice a lot of the people here grew up listening to. Each one of us has our own Clash t shirts to savour and just like our customers we hold them dear to our hearts. The Clash in particular Mick Jones and the legendary Joe Strummer were the voice of a generation not only spurning new music but new ideas too.

Our Clash clothing section fuses a mix of their great music with their great ideology too. Always willing to expose themselves by trying new things or talking about controversial subject matter in their songs they were the voice of the disaffected at a time when they needed one. Do diverse was their musical movements that whilst primarily being called a rock or punk rock band some also credit them for the first hip hop song in Radio Clash.

However it’s the song out loud classics we all remember with Should I stay or Should I Go heading the list with Mick Jones talking about his own volatile relationship. In our Clash t shirts collection you will find a Should I Stay or Should I go t shirt if that is your particular favourite but strangely enough the song enjoyed much more success on its second release.

Perhaps the most significant song they made also happens to be one of our best sellers with a variety of London Calling t shirts to choose from this typical British gritty rock song now has a life of it’s own in the music merchandising world. Perhaps it’s the name of London emblazoned across it and the call to arms for many of the fans that makes it so popular but it remains to this day one of the most important Clash merch around.

Possibly the most graphically impressive t shirt we have is the very popular Rock the Casbah t shirt. Everybody remembers the song with the growling lyrics that seem to tell and almost enchanting story to a deep rock beat and the chorus is something once its in your head is hard to shake and who would want to when its considered one the best songs of all time by their fans.

What if you fancy a Clash T shirt that carries a little more authenticity not perhaps to a band design but to a shirt worn by the great Joe Strummer? The bright red background provides the backdrop for the famous Brigade Rosse t shirt that armies of fans went out to buy after seeing it worn by their hero on stage and on video. Maybe that’s what floats your boat a little bit more and we have that right here too.

Joe Strummer T Shirts and Women’s Clash T Shirts

Clash fans the world over followed Joe Strummer after his departure. His early loss, far too early in fact, took away a musical icon for us all. He was loved and revered for his simple commitment to exploring anything musical and creating something truly unique. Sometimes not always as commercially successful as his partnership with Mick Jones he continued to push his boundaries until the end.

Despite always remaining a Clash City Rocker we have some unique Joe Strummer t shirts in their own right. The Future is Unwritten t shirt and of course the ever popular Passion is a Fashion t shirt are both popular with fans all over the world.

Now on to right the wrong that has been happening for decades. The one thing that The Clash and Clash clothing have always been centred around is equality be it racial, cultural or musical between different genres and we are certain that gender is in there too. However women have long had to suffer wearing clothing simply designed for men.

I can’t imagine the band being in favour of that as they were always supporting the freedom of speech and the freedom to chose. That is why we have made sure every single one of our Clash designs has a women’s Clash t shirt option. That means fabrics and cuts to suit you that you no longer have to slide into men’s shirts if you don’t want to and free to make your own choices feeling just as valued as your male counterparts who support the band also.

For the latest information on anything to do with The Clash please visit their website http://www.theclash.com/