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Cradle of Filth T Shirts

There was once a young couple living in the south of England, a beautiful rural place but like any young couple they had a taste for the forbidden and exciting. They both shared a passion for extreme metal and horror movies. The real passion was music and they met at a Cradle of Filth concert. Strangely enough when they met he was holding a doll, a girl’s doll but it was wearing a Cradle of Filth t-shirt. At the time she simply thought it was a bit of fun and he seemed like any normal metal reveller.

They enjoyed the concert, fell in love and remained together from that day. Within a week she had moved into his house and couldn’t believe what a great time they were having. He kept the doll with its Cradle of Filth t-shirt still on in his room at all times. It used to sit at the foot of the bed facing them whilst they slept. It had a chord attached to its back and when you pulled it you would hear it say ‘Cradle of Filth rule’.

People would ask where on earth he got that doll from as they all wanted one but he’d smile and say he couldn’t tell them and that it was a secret. As times passed though she felt like the smile on the doll was lessening. It hadn’t turned into a frown yet but she would swear it wasn’t as wide as it was. At times she thought she could hear him in his room talking to himself but when she opened the door there wasn’t a sound coming from his mouth. Was he talking to himself? Was he talking to the doll or was she going crazy?

Will The Cradle of Filth T-shirt Come To Life?

She started to feel like the relationship was souring. He became more and more distant and spent more and more time in his room. Their sex life was nonexistent and suddenly she felt like it was time to get out. She told him that things were not working out and he exploded. Starting throwing things around the room, telling her he knew she was leading him on, that this was all an act and she was destined to betray her.

He locked the door so she couldn’t leave and pinned her against the wall. He became uncontrollable and violent and the details of what happened next are too awful to share. The only thing I can tell you is that she did what was needed to protect herself and survive. She wept on the floor holding the kitchen knife that had saved her life and watching him spill onto the floor she had an urge to take her anger out on that doll.

She walking into the room and saw it sitting there on the floor in that same Cradle of Filth t shirt but when she picked it up a tear came down its face and the doll wasn’t smiling at all. It looked angry, hateful and she couldn’t help it but she pulled the chord on its back and it said ‘You killed my daddy’ she recoiled in terror before pulling it again and it said ‘why did you kill my daddy?’ before she could even touch it again it chillingly waned ‘I’ll get you for this’ and she dropped the doll shattering it into a thousand pieces and the doll in the Cradle of Filth t-shirt was no more. 

For more information on Dani Filth or Cradle of Filth please visit the official website http://theorderofthedragon.com/