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Danzig T Shirts

It’s Toronto, it’s August and it is the Sound Academy and that can only mean one thing right? That’s right a bunch of guys waiting to get in wearing their Danzig T-shirts on the edge of celebrating 25 years of incredible Danzig music. We had absolutely no idea what to expect, all of us prefer the classics rather than anything more recent and these guys were pushing 60 and the set list was open to debate but should we have been worried? Not in the slightest it was simply one of the best live shows we’ve ever seen.

Never have I been prouder to pull on my favourite Danzig t-shirt and join in the celebration with a hoard of heavy revellers. There was a real mix too of all ages across the board and this was the perfect stage on which to hold it. Glenn Danzig had delivered his latest gang of musicians in Tommy Victor, Steve Zing and Johnny Kelly and treated us all to what we wanted which was a night of classic anthems. There was the usual abrasive delivery with plenty of foul mouth tirades at Canadian border officials and big middle finger to the music industry as it stands now but that’s exactly what we came here for the brilliantly caustic show Glenn can deliver.

I’m standing there and admittedly I hadn’t kept an eye on the previous set lists on tour so whilst dancing along in my Danzig t-shirt which was now gathering plenty of beer spillage that will just add to its character I was happy enough to enjoy the first two tracks which were more recent but certainly not my favourites and then I heard him roar ‘time to break out the old......’ of course I won’t finish that sentence but you know where it ends.

Danzig Bring Back Their Classic Hits to Send the Crowd Wild

They absolutely exploded full pace through the next few tracks first came ‘Twist of Cain’ then ‘Am I a Demon’ and the trio of anthems was wrapped up with ‘Her Black Wings’ and the music was so tight, the atmosphere so intense that you could have sworn these were the original guys to play those tracks. Absolutely perfect! To say the fans loved it is underplaying what happened they went ape crazy and showing their devil’s horns all wearing Danzig t-shirts moshing around and letting rip I think even they band felt it was time to calm things down and they went into the awesome ballad ‘Blood and Tear’s just to show they can still do the slow stuff too.

The rest of the night was simply a haze of Danzig classics and a fair few nods to the Misfits days which went down an absolute storm. They knew exactly what the crowd had come for and with little ego delivered exactly what they wanted on a plate of pure filthy metal. I left that concert, more stumbled with my ears still ringing beautifully and with my Danzig t-shirt stained with memories and a whole lot of music love flowing through those fibres.

For all the latest information on anything Danzig related you can visit their official website http://danzig-verotik.com/danzig/news.html