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Darkthrone T Shirts

It was a dark and heavy night in Norway with the clouds throwing a blanket of black over the night sky as a young couple drove in the heavy rain. The man’s eyes were focused completely on the winding road ahead as there was little light off the beaten track and he started to wonder if it was best he pull over. He asked his wife in the passenger seat if she thought he should pull over but she didn’t reply as she had fallen asleep and just as her looked at her peaceful eyes he felt the instant impact of a brutal head on collision.

Both he and his wife were tossed forward and the airbags deployed to save them. Bruised and stiff they were both safe and he jumped out the car to see another vehicle had spun off into a tree. He approached the car from the rear and saw a confused man and woman, both with long hair wearing Darkthrone t-shirts. Understandably they seemed dazed but it looked as though their seatbelts had saved them too but fate wasn’t so kind to the driver.

He asked them if they were on but he got no response just blank, vacant looks across their faces so he walked to the front seat where he saw what damage the speeding car had done. The driver was sat there with his throat split and his head hanging on by a thread. There was clearly nothing he could do for the driver but being in the wilderness he thought it was best to see if he could get some medical attention to the couple in the back as he felt the guilt surge through his body.

The Couple in the Darkthrone T Shirts Find Salvation

He walked the couple to his car and sat them in the back. He turned the key and to his surprise though dented his car turned over. He told his wife he felt they should see if they could get the couple treatment and his wife agreed before pulling out a map of the local area to see where the nearest medical facility was. He asked the pair several questions to which he got no response and thought they must be in shock as they didn’t reply. In a final attempt to find some common ground he asked them what their Darkthrone t-shirts meant.

The woman without hesitating said ‘we’ve been to a concert but we can’t remember where’ and just then she started to stammer and her face twitch like she couldn’t finish her sentence. The man said nothing and fearing he had caused her some stress with his questioning he said ‘listen don’t worry there’s no need to talk’ and the woman leaned forward but said nothing.

He returned his eyes to the rain soaked road as his windscreen wash awash with dark water and he asked his wife had she managed to find anything on the map. She said nothing. He looked across and her eyes were blank, her face looked in a trance like she couldn’t talk either. Then to his horror he looked down and saw her throat had been cut and immediately his eyes turned in fear to the couple on the back seat and the woman in the Darkthrone t-shirt was sat back looking into his eyes holding a bloodied knife.

For an in depth look into Darkthrone and their history you can find details on their official wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darkthrone