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Dead Kennedys T Shirts

The punk rock movement swept across the UK and the US in equal measure during the 1980's and produced some of the finest rock music you will ever hear. From San Francisco, California came an underground sensation that we now know as the Dead Kennedys and we are glad it did. Their political views and no nonsense approach gave rise to an army of fans and have helped us create a brilliant Dead Kennedy's t shirt collection.


They were a combination of raw US power and the more sophisticated British punk that had become known but perhaps they shot to fame most because of their deliberately extreme lyrics but isn't that what music is all about? To make people stand up and take notice of what you want to say or debate your sound? That is what we want from our Dead Kennedy's t shirts.


We want you to have an opinion of them. Love them or hate them we want these Dead Kennedy's t shirts to make you think a little about what the band means to you. I meam they were a mix of social commentary on the political issues of the time along with satire humour and anything else they could think of that embodied the disaffected youth of that time so why shouldn't you be now in your own way?


Women's Dead Kennedy T Shirts Available Internationally Also


Given their commitment to voicing an opinion and righting the wrongs of people's perceptions we have to clear one thing up. The Dead Kennedy's have both male and female fans. I know shocking as it is in the modern world we all have the right of freedom of thought to listen to or follow who we like.


So why is it there are hardly and women's Dead Kennedy t-shirts out there? We can't answer that because in these times surely both sexes should be equally catered for. If you a ticket for a gig, or a CD or download a track is your money as a woman not as valuable? Is your support less appreciated?


Of course not that's why we offer every single design in our very own women's Dead Kennedy t shirts option so you can feel free to enjoy the same rights as the male fans alongside you.


For the latest news in anything to do with The Dead Kennedy's then please take a look at the official site and they will keep you posted http://www.deadkennedys.com/