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Deep Purple T Shirts

When you scan a room and see a mix of young Asian men and women melted with a bunch of middle aged white men and their tiny Asian girlfriends you could be forgiven for thinking that had strolled into a Bangkok bar or a music bar in Pattaya but you wouldn’t be shocked if you found out you were in Singapore either. As your eyes scan around you see some of the men are wearing Deep Purple t-shirts and their grey hair seems to contradict their rebellious taste in music.
However this night was no ordinary night. It may turn out to be one of the last concerts Dee Purple ever played. That’s not being morbid just an admission of the truth that most of one of the world’s greatest ever bands are now in the 60’s and most are grandparents but they’re still touring and still rocking some incredible places. What to expect however was a different matter could these ageing rockers cut it? Could they throw out what their fans wanted? You could see plenty of younger guys wearing the Deep Purple t-shirts their fathers had made them wear but how would it go down?
Can you really have a concert were half are brought their by their fathers or by their boyfriends and it still be an occasion to savour? That was the question on everybody’s mind as at round 8.30 the guys finally took to the stage.

Deep Purple in Concert and Rocking Singapore

Admittedly the set started well but the crowd were slow to warn to the still tight group. To the hardened fans they must have sounded as tight as when they first heard them because you simply can’t knock their musicianship and skill. Two songs in though and the mood started to change, the faces moved and everybody young and old started to come to together and lift the noise levels quite a few notches. It was a strange thing to see as not often can you see a generation gap at a concert it tends to be a mix blending in but here you could see a clear divide between young and old and whilst they may have shared the same Deep Purple t-shirts they certainly didn’t share a lot of decades.
As the set started to warm up the classics came out and you could swear that if the elder guys had their youth back they would have rushed the stage in an instant but being law abiding respectable men there were lots of head nodding and finger raising as the band went through the songs with such vigour it hide their age and creaking joints and whilst the vocal understandably fade towards the end it was still a spectacular show and one depending on what happens next that may go down as their final ever performance in Singapore.  

For all the latest breaking news on anything Deep Purple related you can find it all at their official website https://www.deeppurple.com/