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Diamond Head T shirts

I was on my way back from my friends’ house and we’d been listening to some classic heavy metal. Both of us are too young to have been around when Sabbath or the likes were around but I still proudly wore my Diamond Head t-shirt to show my appreciation for what they helped create. It was bout 1am when I started to feel tired and decided to drive my heap of junk home when suddenly it started to pour down.

It was like a scene out of a film and I could barely see a yard in front of me. Looking back I should have pulled over and waited for it to pass but being young and dumb I kept going until I felt an almighty crash. Despite what you hear about airbags being full of air when they’re deployed it’s like your face hitting and brick wall and I looked down to see my blood spilling down my favourite Diamond Head t-shirt.

The panic started to set in but as soon as my heart rate started to drop down again I could see it was just a bloodied nose and the rest of me bar a sore finger I’d placed on the dash were fine. I had to admit instantly I felt as lucky as I could feel as I’d escaped without any real injury and then my thoughts turn to who or what I’d hit in the road. With the rain beating down I jumped out of the car and to my horror saw another car equally as trashed as mine and I ran over as fast as I could to see if anybody was hurt

The Blonde, the Crash and the Diamond Head T-shirt

To my amazement a tall gorgeous blonde stepping out of the vehicle unharmed. I fully expected her to be seething at what had happened but she was reassuringly calm. She asked me if I was ok and I stumbled through my response but she understood I was fine and looking back at the two cars she said this must be a sign that we were meant to survive and that we were meant to meet. She looked me up and down and her gorgeous blue eyes rested on my Diamond Head t-shirt and to my amazement she asked if I liked metal before telling me she’d always liked guys who were into heavy music.

Then she told me to wait there, we’d found cover under the shelter of a bunch of trees, as she walked to her car. She came back with a bottle of scotch and told me she knew how us metal heads were big drinkers and she always found it a turn on when a guy can drink scotch neat. She suggested we should both toast our new found friendship and without hesitation I agreed took the bottle and took several large gulps of awful scotch simply to impress a beautiful woman.

I passed the bottle to her and to my surprise to simply place it on the floor. I asked her didn’t she want to toast our new found friendship to which she replied ‘No, thanks. I’ll just wait for the police to get here.’ It was then I knew me and my Diamond Head t-shirt had been truly played.      

For up to date information on Diamond Head and any upcoming tour dates please visit their official website http://www.diamond-head.net/