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Die Hard T Shirts

The Die Hard movie franchise is one easy to love and hard to explain. With real skills or powers other than an iron will and total self belief tough cop Jon McClane seems to be able to single handed take on some of the most powerful criminal empires in the world and win. What’s even more likeable about Die Hard is that he seems on the face of it to be an average guy who doesn’t even want to take on the criminal underworld but is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s what we love about Die Hard and that is why we have so many Die Hard t shirts for you to choose from.

Fans of the film can see something of themselves in John McClane. In fact all of us can see something of ourselves in John McClane. That’s why we watch Die Hard over and over again ad that is why we all love our Die Hard t shirts. Now certainly some of the villain’s border pantomime characters and sure the odds for him defeating whole armies seem a bit ludicrous at times but only on reflection is that true. When you’re watching the film, you’re engrossed because you simply can’t help rooting for this every day guy to somehow make it through.

Where Die Hard Rates amongst the Great Action Movies of All Time

It’s easy now to say the Die Hard series doesn’t rank up there with the best of the world’s action movies and its true when you compare the last offering A Good Day to Die Hard it’s a million miles away from something like Leon but you have to bring yourself back to that first film. Christmas in L.A, stuck in an airport, wrong time, wrong place with a guy who just wants to get home to his family and is forced to fight back.

Bruce Willis performance in this film was so exceptional he ended type cast as this character even now and it will live long after his memory as the performance he will be remembered for. It was a truly great film and comparable with any other action movie before or since for sheer taught tension and thrills. It left you almost exhausted as McClane himself upon its conclusion and this is why we fell in love with Die Hard. It may not have ever been matched since for quality in the series but it is still the reason why we show our appreciation with our Die Hard t shirts range.