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Dimmu Borgir T Shirts

In a small town outside of Oslo there was the peaceful little village of Arnes. Set aside from its bustling neighbours it was situated in a vast area of farmland with the intimidating Glomma river standing beside it at all times. The villagers were happy and content with their sedentary lifestyle until a stranger came into their town unannounced. With long dark hair and beard he walked in even in the midst of winter he entered the town wearing just a plain black Dimmu Borgir t-shirt.

As fans of the band will know it suggested he was Norwegian but given nobody ever heard him utter a word you could never tell. He would sit there in his small, humble home and build toys everyday and then pass them out to the village children. Every day he could be seen working away wearing that same Dimmu Borgir t-shirt as though it never needed washing and simply making toys and passing them out one at a time.

Parents would call him the ‘Dimmu’ man and they would often warn their children away from the man in the black t-shirt and make up tales about how he hurt little children to scare them from ever approaching him. It didn’t work for all the children though as the lure of free toys can be too much for their innocent and fun loving minds and given he’d never been known to do anything to hurt anybody it seemed all was harmless here.

The Man In The Dimmu Borgir T Shirt Vanishes

The town folk started to ask questions about how he supported himself. He often would be seen picking up groceries and supplies for his craft but he was never spotted at a bank and never had a paid job so it continued to baffle the locals how the man in the t-shirt could support himself. Some would even approach and ask questions directly to him but without a smile or an acknowledgement of their voice he would walk past any adult who spoke with him.

Then one day the man in the Dimmu Borgir t-shirt disappeared. There was no warning, no fuss and when he left he emptied the house completely. It was as if he wasn’t ever there. Many of the people there breathed a sigh of relief but some felt bad that because he was different people seemed to fear him when all he appeared to be doing was making free gifts for the children.

However it wasn’t until after he left that strange things really started to happen. Each child who held one of the toys he made one by one started having serious accidents. Some lost limbs, others their sight and one even his life and all in what seemed simply accidents. Nobody really knows if this is co-incidence but there are those in the town of Arnes that believe luck has played no part and the man in the Dimmu Borgir t-shirt was still to blame even after he left.         

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