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Dio T shirts

Enjoying a few drinks at my local bar with friends the night seemed like any other I had enjoyed before. It wasn’t often I got to get out and taste an ice cold beer with friends being a family man now but there was little out the ordinary that aside. We sat around telling tales and reliving old memories that we all shared. Somehow over time all of these stories carried a little more gloss and seemed much more noteworthy than they actually were at the time but it was that embellishment that made them even funnier to hear and my laughter carried on all night until it was broken by a man standing at the end of the bar. He was dressed all in black and wearing a Dio t-shirt and he just kept staring across.

At first I didn’t give much thought to it as he stood alone and we were in large group but every so often I’d turn around and he wouldn’t flinch, the man in the Dio t-shirt just kept staring as if he was somehow staring though me. A younger me, a different me probably would have walked over and asked him if he had a problem but there was an early start at work the next day and I really didn’t want to be turning up with a bruised eye from some bar fight over ‘a look’ so I carried on the merriment as if he wasn’t there.

The Man in the Dio T-shirt Just Won’t Go Away

As the night wore on I started to think more and more about that early start. It would have been easier to stay and sink a few more but sometimes my little boy would wait up for me to tuck him into bed so I said my goodbyes and after a few hugs left the bar. I got a few hundred metres down the road and suddenly felt like I was being watched. I turned around quickly and about 10 feet back stood the man in the Dio t-shirt. He was still, motionless and almost like some kind of villain in a film but by this time I’d had enough.

We all have the fight or flight reaction and this time I was ready to fight and started walking towards him shouting, asking him what the hell he wanted and to my surprise he said he was protecting me. He said he didn’t want any trouble but ‘it wanted him’. I had no idea who he was talking or what he was talking about but he was clearly a grade ‘A’ lunatic and I felt it was best just to get out of there.

I left him at the side of road. For all I cared he could walk the streets listening to Sabbath and scaring others but not I tonight and I ran home. Just as I thought my little boy was in bed waiting for me to tuck him in and I leaned over him when he almost knocked me over with what he said next. He said @could you check under my bed for monsters, the man in the Dio t-shirt said they would be under my bed’

All kind of alarm bells started ringing about how this man knew my son, or what he said but my son didn’t need to be scared by this he needed reassuring so I bent down and looked under the bed. As I peeled the cover back I looked in horror as I saw my son, another he, shaking and crying under the bed and he whispered ‘Daddy there’s a monster on my bed’

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