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Disturbed T Shirts

Disturbed have enjoyed so much success all over the world that it was only right to try and create a Disturbed t shirts collection as vast and imaginative as their songs themselves are. Whilst they move from real life commentaries to fictional talk of demons and vampirism their melodic songs stay real in the hearts of fans everywhere.
That’s what a Disturbed t shirt is all about. That blurred line between imagination and reality, the in between world that we all create with our thoughts and desires and what life experiences teach us. That’s why you love Disturbed because their songs are like a rollercoaster into the world of reality and pain and then into a world of magic and mystery.
Some would suggest their music isn’t hard enough or heavy enough to be metal but few could argue their sound is closer to the pioneers of metal such as Maiden, Sabbath, Priset and Metallica and whilst some now consider that hard rock who really cares. They may not burn their way into your imagination but they work their way in silently and take over your thoughts and that is usually more powerful and that is why the Disturbed t shirt range is so popular.
It doesn’t need to scream to get your attention, its dark, brooding and whispers with a scream to anybody who catches a glimpse of that wonderful tee shirt. So Donegan, Wengren, Draiman and Moyer take a bow for not adhering to protocol or allowing yourself to be pigeon holed and hopefully our t shirts do your fans proud.

Women’s and XXL Disturbed T Shirts Available Internationally

Don’t you just hate being marginalised? You have your favourite band, then you pick your favourite t-shirt and then all of a sudden they don’t do that particular one in your size or even you don’t get offered a tailored one for your gender and have to make do with the male version of what you want.
Now the music may be dark but this isn’t the dark ages so we have a guarantee that we can offer in stock and at all times a range of every single option available in sizes small all the way to our XXL t shirts and even more on request. That’s right we’ll stock them all in your size just so when you’re ready you can press that button with no hesitation and wait for it to arrive.
It also means that every single thing you see here has its own women’s Disturbed t shirt option for you to chose from and with International delivery available in almost any country worldwide be sure to make this your primary choice for Disturbed t shirts.
For information on the band their latest tours, releases and information please visit  http://www.disturbed1.com/